Tennis Elbow 2011

Tennis Elbow 2011

A simulation game that lets you play in the most popular tennis tournaments
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Tennis Elbow 2011 is a simulation game that lets you play in the most popular tennis tournaments. It's an addictive game, which offers a high level of realistic game play, impressive graphic interface and a full dose of emotions.

The installation process of Tennis Elbow 2011 is simple and doesn't require any advanced PC knowledge. Furthermore, both the game and the installation process are available in multiple languages.

Tennis Elbow 2011 provides a complete series of options, including audio, video and control settings. Tennis Elbow 2011 offers you the possibility to customize the game play in many ways. You can choose your player gender, male or female, and then set a wide variety of player characteristics like: forehand power, service power, speed, height, weight and much more. Being a game with a realistic design, you will notice that each of those characteristics influence the performance of your player.

Tennis Elbow 2011 offers several advanced game play options, which let you customize the camera position, camera mode, camera height and aperture, etc. Take a look at these settings and set up the camera preferences in such way that it offers you a perfect view. Also, you can choose from different court surfaces: clay, green clay, classic synthetic etc.; each one having a specific rebound.

Tennis Elbow 2011 provides multiple game modes. You can play single and double competitions at different difficulty levels. Moreover, the game supports online competitions. You can enjoy online tournaments and play against other human players in online tennis matches.

You will be really impressed about the realistic game play, as the movement of the player, the balls trajectories and the complete range of game situations seem to be very similar to real ones. You will be captivated by the game for unlimited hours while playing hundreds of tournaments and fighting to finish on the top of the hierarchy.

Briefly, Tennis Elbow 2011 offers a fully customizable and realistic game play which assures a lot of fun.

Josephine Seaman
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